• December 5, 2023
Products and Partnerships

Accelirate, a Florida-based RPA services firm, has launched a turnkey managed services offering for enterprises that will enable them to monitor, support and manage their bot infrastructure as they attempt to scale their automation programs. Businesses can outsource the management of their RPA program to Accelirate via several tiers offering different levels of service and features.

“Whether utilizing an internal Robotic Operations Center or through Enterprise RPA Managed Services, having bots running critical systems without monitoring and maintenance is a recipe for disaster,” said Matt Gallo, Accelirate’s CRO. “Simply put, we always protect any major investment in our lives, whether it be a Network Operations Center, Security Operations Center, or in this case, utilizing a Robotic Operations Center to protect the time and cost associated with building a digital workforce.” 

A Toronto, Canada-based company has released a “platform migration solution” specifically designed to make it easier for end users to change RPA providers. Blueprint Software Systems claims its solution can enable the transition from one RPA provider to another three times as fast as normal and reduce the cost of such a transition by 75 percent.

“There are a host of reasons why many companies want to change RPA platforms, from failure to get value to incompatible version upgrades, but the burden of switching has been too great, so they’ve been stuck with whatever RPA vendor they initially chose to use,” says Dan Shimmerman, president and CEO of Blueprint. “Blueprint makes changing between any of the leading RPA vendors simple, fast, and affordable, thereby unlocking the entire RPA market.”