• December 7, 2023

Robotic Process Automation (RPA), the fastest-growing segment of enterprise software globally, according to Gartner, is on pace to grow 63 percent this year reaching more than $1.3 billion in sales worldwide. Those in the industry, therefore, can be excused if they begin to think the questions the market has about the technology have all been answered.

There are misconceptions about RPA, though, that have lingered for years. And, for many organizations that have little or no experience with the software, those misconceptions can persist despite the best efforts of vendors and educators to address the issues.  So, if you’re a prospective RPA user who needs the record set straight or a vendor who will nearly certainly hear these objections from your prospects, here are five stubborn myths that won’t go away.

Robots will replace humans

For companies exploring automation via RPA, morale of the rank-and-file can take a hit when they hear it is under consideration. To many, automation means job cuts. But, while it’s true many business tasks currently performed by human employees can be automated with RPA, the fact is any kind of artificial intelligence still needs training from humans. There are already new roles being created in the RPA environment where humans orchestrate, monitor and train the robots, and in time, more opportunities will emerge. 

Most companies implementing RPA intend to benefit from the higher-level thinking humans are capable of that bots are not. By automating high volume tasks, RPA only reduces the need for repetitive human effort. Rather than removing humans from the workplace, many organizations have found RPA enables staff to focus on creative problems that provide more value to the company than the rote tasks that consumed much of their day in the past.

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