• December 5, 2023
Products and Partnerships

New York City-based RPA firm Kryon said it is collaborating with the Brazil Ministry of Health to collect, process, validate, refine and distribute data relating to Covid-19. RPA has played an enormous role as organizations and governments respond to the requirements of dealing with—and hopefully returning to normal from—the global pandemic. The partnership has proved invaluable, according to a statement, in getting accurate information that has been used to save lives, out to the public.

Enterprise software giant SAP announced it has acquired no-code development platform AppGyver. According to a joint statement, that acquisition will enable SAP to expand its business process intelligence capabilities. “By adding AppGyver’s solutions to our own no-code capabilities, we facilitate the creation of workflows, forms, robotic process automation and lightweight case management,” the company said. The acquisition continues a trend of large software companies gobbling up startups that enable more robust automation capability.

Germany’s second-largest software vendor, Software AG, announced a partnership with RPA technology provider Automation Anywhere under which Software AG’s ARIS platform users will have access to AA’s process mining and process management features. Software AG’s Head of Business Transformation Marc Vietor noted how important it is to not only identify good opportunities to automate, but any changes that occur in the platforms or applications involved in an automation.

Highly regulated corporate sectors, including banking, devote considerable resources to “adverse media monitoring” as part of their reputational risk management activities. Typically, that includes the highly manual process of culling through online news sources for company mentions. New York City-based intelligent automation technology provider WorkFusion has partnered with content aggregator Nexis Solutions to automate the process. Under the agreement, a single manual keyword search that normally takes 20 minutes, takes only a minute or two for Nexis users.

RPA technology provider UiPath said it has “deepened” an existing partnership with digital workflow company ServiceNow. An integration between the two platforms enables ServiceNow customers to access expanded automation capabilities when they test software products.