• December 7, 2023

Welcome to the newest section of RPA Today. In partnership with NICE we have created a dedicated space on the website for information & perspective from the NICE team.

Attended Automation Keeps CSRs on the Compliant Path

Contact center agents are under constant pressure to meet many, sometimes conflicting, KPIs like adhering to company policies while focusing on the customer experience. An attended automation bot can help mitigate that by acting as the CSRs’ personal helper and keeping them within the guardrails of internal policies and external regulations. Watch the 2 min video above to learn more.

NEVA and Hyperscience Join Forces to Automate Processing of Scanned and Hard-To-Read Handwritten Documents

The NICE and Hyperscience partnership adds an important cognitive capability to NICE’s robotic workforce, helping any organization to dramatically streamline the processing of documents such as supplier invoices, customer onboarding, and even travel declarations. These capabilities have the potential to be particularly transformative for financial services, insurance companies, and government organizations.

Telecom Network Drives Enhanced Customer Experience With Attended Automation

Since the deployment of NEVA, Telia Finland reduced AHT by 30-50% across use cases involving multiple legacy systems and complex processes. With customer insights on their desktops, agents are guided through compliance steps and empowered to deliver a great customer experience. Tying attended automation and RPA together has helped Telia to vastly improve the level of automation in its contact center and realize cost savings.

Download the 2 page PDF Case Study.

NEVA Increases First Contact Resolution

NEVA, NICE Attended Automation bot, enables call center operations to dramatically increase first contact resolution and eliminate errors, by providing CSRs with all the info they need to reach quick, full resolution. Watch the 2 min video today.

Banking Automation: an Emerging Priority in the Banking Industry

Banking automation is moving to near the top of the agenda for leading banks. Some of the benefits banks can reap from a strategic branch automation program include improved customer satisfaction and loyalty, more responsive and efficient operations, and tighter compliance and fraud
detection. Read the perspective, right here.

The powerful combination of real-time behavior and desktop guidance and automation

NEVA and NICE Enlighten AI bring the first combination of behavioral insights and contextually relevant desktop guidance and automation to service agents.

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NEVA Reduces Training Time

Check out how NEVA enables call center operations to dramatically reduce agent training time and cost via real-time on the job guidance and process automation.

Webinar Rebroadcast: How Desktop Process Mining Impacts the Success of RPA in Your Organization

For RPA to succeed and scale in your company, choosing the right processes to automate is vital. Basing this decision on gut feeling or even on conversations with your employees won’t deliver the impact you’re looking for. Desktop Process Mining, infused with machine learning capabilities, makes it easier to determine which processes will get optimal results from automation. Join our speakers – Jackie Griffin from NICE and Martijn Zuiderbaan from PA Team – as they discuss:

  • How a Desktop Process Mining tool like NICE’s Automation Finder can identify processes for automation with precision
  • The ways both types of automation flows – attended and unattended – can benefit from Desktop Process Mining
  • The results of a real use case from a leading global logistics organization, including their results and findings

Watch the 40 min video presentation today.

Automation Finder Demo

In this 4 min demo, you will see how Automation Finder identifies and prioritizes processes ripe for RPA, using advanced unsupervised machine learning algorithms, and then creates those automations in a click, using its innovative click-to-automate capability.

NICE Advanced Automation Solutions Automation Finder

Selecting the right processes to automate with process bots is a critical step towards ensuring Robotic Process Automation (RPA) project success and driving sustainable ROI. Automation Finder is NICE’s desktop process mining tool, and it is delivered as part of its attended automation solution, NEVA. Read more about how it identifies automation opportunities, using advanced unsupervised machine leaning capabilities, and about its one-click capability for designing a new automation flow directly in Automation Studio.

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Unpacking the True Value of Attended Automation


This 13 page white paper unpacks and explores the fascinating technology powering NEVA Attended RPA bot, for empowering the contact center agents in performing their work, and flawlessly work side-by-side with them.

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Bringing People and Robots Together: Short Video Demo

NEVA, NICE’s attended automation bot, assists employees with their daily tasks. In this demo, you will see how NEVA guides a utilities contact center agent, step by step, through a complex, lengthy and error-prone process. NEVA helps the agent complete the process efficiently, in adherence with internal compliance guidelines, and even helps him with an upsell opportunity.

Video Testimonial

Watch John Mackey, Automation Manager at Swinton Group, explain how his organization benefitted from deploying a combination of NICE’s attended and unattended robots.

Want to learn more? Download the PDF Case Study below.

New Contact Center Case Study

The Swinton Group is a United Kingdom-based insurance retailer established in 1957. The company operates a contact center in Manchester, England, employing 450 frontline agents (out of over 1,000 employees overall). The agents handle an annual contact volume of about 2.4 million.

Swinton adopted a robotic process automation strategy. This included the deployment of both attended and unattended robots to automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks in the various contact center workflows.

You can direct download the 2 page PDF to learn about their positive results, such as:

  • Reduced hold and wrap time
  • AHT reduced by an average of 50 seconds
  • AHT for new business sales calls reduced by almost 3 minutes
  • Cost savings of 40 FTE
  • Capacity increased by an extra 7,781 calls per month
  • 11% increase in customer NPS

Download the 2 page PDF here

Unleash your employees and processes by strategically using attended and unattended automation in tandem

Download the PDF from NICE & HfS

As enterprises strive to scale their automation programs and fashion RPA into a native element of their digital business architecture, they are increasingly turning to attended automation as a core lever to help drive adoption at scale and achieve tangible value in the very near-term—while hoping to fundamentally redesign processes in the long-term.

Attended automation must be a native part of broader automation, customer and employee experience (CX/EX), and enterprise strategies. In a recent webinar, NICE and HfS examined attended automation’s evolving role as a complement to enterprise automation programs, joined by OP Financial Group, the largest financial services group in Finland, which is living and learning from its attended-unattended duality.

Download the PDF summary today.

Get to know NEVA (NICE Employee Virtual Attendant)

In this 90-second video, learn how NEVA (NICE Employee Virtual Attendant) personally enables front- and back-office employees to reach their best potential.

NICE is pioneering what it calls Automation For The People, a commitment to people-centered robotics built on a strong robo-ethics framework and easy access to robust technology. In addition to RPA solutions, it is also a leader in attended automation, which is the next big wave in the world of RPA.

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